A personal journey

Last Monday I hosted a first event about my trip so far. Held in Edinburgh it was attended by around 70 people and raised £650 for The Homeless World Cup. Despite having given numerous presentations I was very nervous talking about such a personal experience. There was no work orientated power-point behind which to hide. It also provided me with my first real chance to look back on both the cycle and personal journey.

Prior to starting this adventure I worked as a CEO for Scottish based charity, Firstport. It was a busy role and while having completed my MBA and worked hard to develop my career I knew I was ready for change. Only now can I really see the difference. Further, while reasonably self-aware I also believe the trip has confirmed how I tick, increased my confidence in believing we can reach our goals if we really want to and given me the space to determine what I may to next.

As the bike tour itself illustrated I will always be somewhat goal-orientated and I’m certainly not one to just let life pass by. While I still care about the work I was involved in (loosely summarised as new start enterprise and community development) I also feel I now have a much broader outlook. If anything…the to do list has increased and it is jut a case of priorities.

I’ve always been excited by new projects and ideas. I love early stage development and planning and have learnt that whether in the workplace or on my bike this is an environment in which I thrive. I also know I perhaps have too many new ideas and things I want to do. I know I could perhaps focus more though I also know my lust for life comes from being this way and I’m happy with that.

final days in africa 432

In helping new start entrepreneurs I was always inspired by helping others seize their opportunities. Being able to cycle the globe was of course a massive opportunity for me and now I hope I can inspire others to take control and live out their dreams too.

I’ve one last trip yet before I settle back into “normal life” though there is one thing for sure – there will be nothing just normal anymore. Watch this space.

Edinburgh presentation event, June 9th 2014

So, it’s set and confirmed. On June 9th I will be doing my first public speaking event about my world cycle.

The event, to be held in Edinburgh on Monday 9th June, will be a fundraiser for my chosen charity, The Homeless World Cup.

It will be held at The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street and for just £10, including a small glass of wine and snacks you can hear tales of Japanese love hotels, cycling the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, riding from Cairo to Capetown and various other stories from this 30, 000km adventure.

I would love it if you could join me for the evening in this chance to meet old and new friends, learn more about world cycling, and you may even win a prize in our raffle.

The event will begin at 6.30pm (till 8.30) so you can come straight from work or use as an excuse for some travel of your own as part of a long weekend.

To book your place please use this link. You can also find this through the events tab on the bikemind website.


If you love travel, cycling and want to hear more about living out a dream with complete stranger then do come along.
Look forward to seeing you on June 9th.