Can elks trip over guide ropes?

Jeep the creeps. We have entered bear land.

Two days ago we crossed the Californian border. After a long days cycle we pitched up at elk prairie campground. Another great hiker biker spot and as our guide book and other riders had told us it was not uncommon for elk to wander around the site. Sounds great huh?

The site also had a bear box.

On registering our pitch we we told to keep all food and smellies in the bear box. Having clarified this meant only the good smells we moved on to pitch our tents. All good.

I had the most sleepless night of the trip so far.

On climbing into my sleeping bag I noticed my sun tan lotion in the bag next to  my pillow. A bear item or not? I had no idea though it obviously set my mind racing. Rusting in the bushes next to my tent that night… Surely a bear? No no.that would be crazy. They don’t like sun tan lotion anyway. It’s fine. It would all be ok…. Wouldn’t it?

I decided the rustling could not be a bear. I was ok.Uncomfortable. Not wanting to turn over and make any noise but ok…Yeah?

I settled back down to sleep and having dreamt of snakes (no dream interpretation required!) and tigers it was then I decided the rustling must surely be the elks the campsite was famous for. that’s ok…. Until you have to ask….. Can elks trip over guide ropes? All answers gratefully received.

Ps bears do like sun tan lotion!




Week one

Well, here’s the week in stats … 340 miles, 1 puncture, 2 broken tent poles (since fixed) and 5 oysters.

We’ve been following the pacific coast highway  for a few days now – while to date it’s certainly been more highway than coast…. Hopefully that’s all set to change. While it’s great for getting used to the bike the scenery has been mostly tarmac, logging trucks and lots of trees. Going over the Astoria bridge meant entering Oregon though and we were told the scenery would get better….

To date the people have been the real highlight. Starting with our hosts in Seattle we have found people to be generous, interested and really helpful. The other day we met a family doing the same trip as us… Down to san fran anyhow. So impressed and what an experience for a 4 year old.

The USA is a fascinating place…. While we put up our small two man tents between coaches, 4x4s etc etc we are also coming across those folks struggling more and I am reminded that one of the real advantages of bike travel is not only the chance to feel the landscape but also the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people, lives and opinion. No judgement. Just different.

I’m so looking forward to more of that.

The end of the “to do” list.

For the past month or two now I have been busy. Every day the “to do” list got bigger, reduced, got bigger and then finally got delegated and I’m now pleased to announce that lists are now no more. I refuse.

John tried to get us to think about one yesterday?  Yes. We may have a couple of things to accompolish but let’s be clear – I’m done with lists for a while. After much planning we here here and all set to embark on this trip of a lifetime. This is about Now. It’s time to live in the present.

We  arrived in Seattle two days ago and having rebuilt our bikes cycled into the city. We were heading to a frIend of a friends for our first night. This will so be a trip of new friends. To date hospitality has been amazing. Rocky said if we got on his bus we could travel free and our hosts here have been fantastic. Day one and I found a piano and a very warm welcome.

Long may it continue and for now…. It’s time to hit the road.

Ta-ra for now.