Test run – aka the commando tour

“Last Christmas I received 33 pairs of knickers”.  I still remember this being an opening line on a piece of creative writing at school many years ago. I was reminded of it when starting to write this blog regarding a bike weekend I have recently been on… so here goes…

“Last weekend I forgot to pack my knickers”. Heading off at 645am as part of my three day bike weekend in Arran and Kintyre it appears key items of luggage were left behind.  I had only one pair of pants and the sports bra I left the flat in – early mornings are definately not my thing! Having now packed up my flat in Edinburgh ready for the trip most things are packed away or in panniers/suitcases ready for my departure.My usual  routine has been altered and with that came a real packing failure.

The weekend was a test run for cycling with my four panniers.

After 125 miles, a few hills and many many midge bites we had a great 3 day trip. I’m so looking forward to my longer tour – fantastic scenery, good food and great chat.

While the panniers are likely to be slightly heavier in a few weeks time here’s hoping the additional underwear won’t make too much difference!