I love talking about my ride/story and I’m happy to look at speaking at your event.

Book, cycle, travel and adventure festivals and events – I’m always keen to inspire others and would be delighted to share my story at these events. A seasoned speaker with photos, tales and adventure and human touches I can engage audiences and have always received positive feedback.

Local talks – I can provide an overview of my journey with associated photos and tales of adventure and have given talks to local camera clubs and associations. I charge expenses and a small fee though please note I am based in Southwest Scotland so this may limit the areas I can travel too.

Online events – I am confident at speaking on line and this may be an option for smaller book and cycle clubs across a broader geographical area. Again, a small fee or group book sale orders could qualify here (if you order 25 books or more I will offer a 30 min online session where you can ask questions and ‘meet the author’)

Corporate speaking and conferences – Drawing on my cycle tour and work experience I can also offer unique presentations to companies and organisations based on themes of enterprise and business including risk, goal setting and project management.

Please contact for more information and to discuss your requirements.