New starts

Every so often we start another journey. Indeed, embarking on my trip of a lifetime was a whole new experience, mentally as well as physically. It was a slowing down from a life lived in the fast lane to a new speed. I was now travelling at 15mph. Taking time to see better what was around me, living a day to day life rather than one ruled by diaries and appointments, finding space to think, reflect and just be.

I wrote my last blog noting that for a while- as I was now caring for my moma- life was in a bit of a pause. I was unable to travel far yet this was a major journey. It was a very precious time and one in which I continued to learn so much. Just as I have no regrets on leaving the rat race I also feel privileged to have been able to be here as I was needed. My mom sadly passed away at the end of 2015.

Now, a few months into 2016 I’m starting to look at what next. John, my cycle buddy and fabulous friend came to help me in the past year and we are now looking to set up our own business and move on. I’m currently writing a book of my experiences and starting to share tales from our journey at a variety of clubs and events. I’m also hoping to bring together both business and enterprise experience and cycle tour learnings through inspiring presentations.

John and I started our trip as strangers and we’re now embarking on new adventures as the best of friends. I hope we may also get a few trips away on the bike.

I’ll be back updating my blog and while I’m not currently out cycling the globe I hope you’ll continue to take an interest.

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I have spent the past 16 years working hard and building my way up a career ladder: completing my MBA then getting my first CEO role. After 5 years of that I am now embarking on a dream and a new adventure. I have to date cycled in France, Canada, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Lands End to John O'Groats is my longest trip to date. Now 5 months in I have cycled west coast America, Japan, Nepal and India.

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