TDA vs our ride schedules

As we move in to our last week with TDA and John and I will be about to start being back out there on our own I thought it may make an interesting blog of the comparison.

At the start of each week, following the rest day TDA run through the weeks ride and expectations. Given this tradiytion from our Africa leg I thought I would continue to do the same.

TDA Final week

May 6th, race Felix Unite to Springbok 133km , off road Camp
May 7th, race Springbok to Garies 117km, off road Camp
May 8th, mando Garies to Strandfontein 162km, mixed Camp
May 9th, race Starndfontein to Elands Bay 73km Camp
May 10th, no race Elands Bay to Yzerfontein 158km Camp
May 11th, no race Yzerfontein to Capetown 105km END, Hotel

Naomi and John
May 13th, ride am Capetown to Paarl c65km, paved Hotel
May 14th, ride am Local ride c25km, off-road Hotel
May 15th, ride am Paarl to Franschoek c21km, paved Fancy hotel
May 16th, Eat World renowned restaurant 0km Fancy hotel
May 17th Franshoek to Stellenboshe c25km, paved Hotel
May 18th, Eat Boschendal vineyards 0km Yumm.
May 19th, ride pm Stellenboshe to Gordons Bay 20km + 20km, paved Hotel
May 20th Gordons Bay to Simons Town c50km, paved Hotel
May 21st Simons Town to Hout Bay c45km, paved Hotel
May 22nd Hout Bay to Capetown c20km, paved Hotel

To be fair, with TDA it’s a real push on the bikes but they carry our gear, provide lunch and give detailed directions. For us, this is our last two weeks in Africa and we always like to finish with more of a holiday. We will at this time have panniers and given it is winter in South Africa we are opting not to camp. We will also be joined by my good friend in Franschoek. She is not cycling and so we need easy distances so John and I are not always on our bike. Besides, having cycled from Cairo to Capetown we figure a rest is in order..not to mention a treat.

We booked a stay and “foodie package” at Quartier Francais at the start of our trip. With three dinners included (one in world renowned resturant with wine pairing) and our own pool this will certainly be a real treat. All this said I have to say my only food disapointments on tour have been in most restaurants and hotels along the way. TDA food has been excellent.

It will be strange when the TDA tour ends and we are once again just two people on our bikes. Further, the comparison above does not imply a better or worse, I could not do such a relaxed cycle tour for more than a couple of weeks. As I said in an earlier blog – independent touring and a group trip are just different. Right now however I am definately ready to take a break from such a gruelling schedule.

Roll on Capetown. Just six days to go.

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