To answer a critic

I received an email from an old friend the other day. I’ve always believed good friends should be comfortable and able to say as they think, not holding back. That said, I trust they come from a place of compassion and kindness as opposed to malition, jealousy or frustration. I don’t know where this email came from emotionally but it upset me.

To summarise:
1. I’m not actually cycling around the world but just taking an extended holiday and keep flying to various parts of the globe.
2. I have not really given up the rat race but am merely spending the money I previously made.
3. I am not doing something for charity but asking people for money for something I want to do anyway.

I didn’t and don’t feel the need to justify my trip. Yet in being honest both on my blog and as ever to myself and incase others think the same….this is my journey.

I signed up to quite literally cycle the world. It was to be a supported trip of 18, 000 miles in 9 months. Unfortunately it was cancelled though as it happened that turned out to be a good thing. Given this I had then arranged a 12 month tour with another of the guys who had signed up. Then I received very bad news about my mothers health and that was when the itinerary changed to a series of shorter trips thereby enabling me to return home and check in. So that is why my trip is not continous. Personally I’m comfortable with that.

As it happens this has proved to next to be a good way to travel. Family and friends are pretty important to me. I love that I am able to keep in touch other than by email, Skype etc. They help shape, challenge, encourage and support this girl who was looking for something new to do. Since my mid twenties I was on a career path. Gradually gaining more responsibility, earning promotion and increasing pay. I worked hard for my MBA qualification then moved to Scotland. I enjoyed my work and will of course need to return to this. At the moment I don’t know how that will transpire but for now at least I have been bold enough to do something different. Personally I’m comfortable with that.

I recognise I’m very fortunate to now be in a position where, following the sale of a house, I can take this time to live my dream. I do still have my home and yes, I could have just given my money directly to charity but I wanted to travel.  Yes, primarily this is a trip for me. I have never said anything different to that. However I hoped I could inspire others and raise money for a good cause along the way. No money raised goes to my trip, it all goes directly to the charity I chose to support. Personally I’m comfortable with that.

Sometimes we do things and our friends and family ask questions. It’s their job. I only hope they understand and if they don’t….well, I’m still comfortable with that too.

8 thoughts on “To answer a critic

  1. Naomi:
    It’s great to see you and John are still cycling the world! My son and I met you over a year ago in Bodega Bay toward the end of your first stage and I have been following your and John’s blogs off and on since. We did a short trip this year in the San Juan Islands in Washington and the Gulf Islands in Canada. I am envious of the time you’ve spent cycling and all those km’s! You and John are an inspiration to me to take on a longer trip someday, not sure I’m brave enough to do Cairo to Capetown though. Keep at it and keep writing about it. Best, Dan.

  2. It takes courage and heart to let go of the constraints that ‘western’ society place upon us. Opportunity, in whichever shape or form presents itself to everyone very few grab it by the balls. You are on a magical journey and have the ability to do this considering the needs if other humans who are important too you. Who cares if the trip is continuous or broken up the fact is you are out the pushing those pedals around covering the k’s! You are not only inspirational but also considerate and empathetic, go girl keep on moving!

  3. I don’t know you, have never met you and probably never will BUT I love your blog and have followed you on your travels with much interest and admiration. I think you’re great and “I’m very comfortable” with what you do and are doing! You’re an inspiration in many areas, and not least of all as someone who has the guts to go against the grain and do something that most other people cant even begin to dream about. That’s noble in itself. A very important side of life is making memories – for yourself and generations to come and that you are certainly doing. You go girl and I’ll continue to follow you every pedal of your long way with interest and not just a mild bit of envy. Bless you.

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