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Cold. Grey. Very soggy. Yep, that pretty much describes our ride out of Melbourne today.

We were really looking forward to riding the coastline out from the city. Melbourne has around 900km of bike tracks and we were able to follow the ocean in our own wee bike lane for the first 35km. However, we woke to hear rain pounding on the roof and it was all I could do to delay…playing on my Garmin maps (still unsuccessful), two coffees, last minute internet. The downpour continued. We were going to get wet.

Just after setting off we had a short boat ride. It was like Winter back home as we crossed the water. Rain poured and the wind was sharp. I was actually jealous of the cyclist on the ferry heading to nice warm office.


It’s not the first time however that the weather has not quite been as expected. Despite considering weather charts it seems misconception, naivety, stereotypes and holiday brochure marketing all override my research. Add to this changing weather patterns that seem to be occurring with increased frequency and it’s no wonder we’re taken by surprise.

Africa and Australia it seems are not always hot. Japan still holds the record for sticky, muggy and humid and New Zealand wins for wind. At least when riding in Scotland I really do expect to see all four seasons in one day.Sometimes of course a change can also work to ones advantage. On this trip we’ve seen double rainbows at Uluru and waterfalls as we left Milford Sound. If only we’d seen a change today. Unfortunately the only difference we found was between lighter drizzle or drenching torrents. Oh well… please.

The weather is often one of the common stats I choose to record. We Brits are, afterall known for our obsession with meteorology and in continuing the stereotype…..our love of tea. It seems, regardless of whether it’s sunshine or rain I do still love a cuppa. Here’s hoping for a dry day tomorrow.

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  1. It may be wet and cold but you still have that warm smile. Just remember above every dark cloud there is blue sky. Hope tomorrow brings the warm sunshine back to you.

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