The end of the “to do” list.

For the past month or two now I have been busy. Every day the “to do” list got bigger, reduced, got bigger and then finally got delegated and I’m now pleased to announce that lists are now no more. I refuse.

John tried to get us to think about one yesterday?  Yes. We may have a couple of things to accompolish but let’s be clear – I’m done with lists for a while. After much planning we here here and all set to embark on this trip of a lifetime. This is about Now. It’s time to live in the present.

We  arrived in Seattle two days ago and having rebuilt our bikes cycled into the city. We were heading to a frIend of a friends for our first night. This will so be a trip of new friends. To date hospitality has been amazing. Rocky said if we got on his bus we could travel free and our hosts here have been fantastic. Day one and I found a piano and a very warm welcome.

Long may it continue and for now…. It’s time to hit the road.

Ta-ra for now.



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I have spent the past 16 years working hard and building my way up a career ladder: completing my MBA then getting my first CEO role. After 5 years of that I am now embarking on a dream and a new adventure. I have to date cycled in France, Canada, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Lands End to John O'Groats is my longest trip to date. Now 5 months in I have cycled west coast America, Japan, Nepal and India.

5 thoughts on “The end of the “to do” list.

  1. Well you are truly getting on with it then! Good for you. Jayne has had keyhole surgery on her knee, so will not be doing the Olympics or sadly joining you at some stage.(Joke)!
    Being casual bikers – we are full of admiration for you and your other pedler John – Stay safe and enjoy the moment(s) X

  2. Naomi. Great to see you are up and running. I know it will be even better than you could ever imagine. Take Care and Enjoy yourselves. Steve

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