While fundraising was not the key mission in setting out on this bike tour it did provide a good opportunity to raise funds and so I chose to work with the Homeless World Cup.

I opted for this for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly I like the honesty and the outputs they achieve. It’s not an organisation with large numbers of staff but it is an organisation that changes lives for hundreds of people. Secondly, it is of course an initiative that runs across the world – much the same as the bike ride. In 2012 72 National Teams participated as the Homeless World Cup goes to Mexico. Lastly, while being a global activity the organisation is led by a team in Edinburgh, just a mile down the road.

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Almost there….

TWA15 Pre-release leaflet

I’m sure I’ve written a blog with this title before though I think last time it referred to being close to reach Capetown at the end of an eipc African cycling adventure. This time it’s the book I’m talking about.

Having opted to self publish I’m currently battling with final deadlines, final edits and what the front cover will look like but I am pleased to say I’m getting there and the book should be ready this summer. It will be available in print and electronically and, consequently, you won’t need to be in the UK to get your hands on a copy!

This will be really exciting for me and I hope that in my own enthusiam you don’t get tired of my posts. I will let you know when it’s ready though!

If you do think you’ll be interested in reading it then do let me know on or comment on this post. It will spur me on even more as well as help me understand how many to print. I’ll do an initial order but it will also be availble as print on demand.

Thanks all
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