Can elks trip over guide ropes?

Jeep the creeps. We have entered bear land.

Two days ago we crossed the Californian border. After a long days cycle we pitched up at elk prairie campground. Another great hiker biker spot and as our guide book and other riders had told us it was not uncommon for elk to wander around the site. Sounds great huh?

The site also had a bear box.

On registering our pitch we we told to keep all food and smellies in the bear box. Having clarified this meant only the good smells we moved on to pitch our tents. All good.

I had the most sleepless night of the trip so far.

On climbing into my sleeping bag I noticed my sun tan lotion in the bag next to  my pillow. A bear item or not? I had no idea though it obviously set my mind racing. Rusting in the bushes next to my tent that night… Surely a bear? No no.that would be crazy. They don’t like sun tan lotion anyway. It’s fine. It would all be ok…. Wouldn’t it?

I decided the rustling could not be a bear. I was ok.Uncomfortable. Not wanting to turn over and make any noise but ok…Yeah?

I settled back down to sleep and having dreamt of snakes (no dream interpretation required!) and tigers it was then I decided the rustling must surely be the elks the campsite was famous for. that’s ok…. Until you have to ask….. Can elks trip over guide ropes? All answers gratefully received.

Ps bears do like sun tan lotion!




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  1. Bear bear go away . Come back another day . You don’t eat cream you don’t eat me . Now go away and enjoy your day .

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