The book is out!

I’m not sure what’s harder – cycling the world or finishing a book but I’m delighted to say that after a long hiatus the story of ‘The World at 15mph..ish’ is now available.

While it’s taken a while this time gap has enabled me to talk not just of the cycle tour undertaken and the adventures and tales this provided but also to offer reflection and an update on what happened on my return.

Many may read a book about cycling the world and think it’s something they could never do and trust me, I would certainly have been in that category do. As such, I hope the book acts as a motivation to others to live their dream and whether cycling is your thing or not, the book should still appeal to those interested in travel, inspiring life stories and tales of adversity, love and friendship.

A wonderful perspective to discover the world and a lovingly written account of overcoming setbacks, the spirit of wanderlust and refusing to become an athlete, despite cycling a very, very long way.’

Mark Beaumont

The book is available to order globally through local bookstores, through Amazon or if you wish to purchase a copy from me directly then please email

I offer online and face to face presentations about the trip to a variety of organisations from corporate events to festivals, local interest groups and book clubs.